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What Is an Example of a Famous Volcanic Eruption?

Volcanic eruptions take place when magma, which is the molten rock found underneath the earth's surface, spews out of a fissure on the earth's crust. When magma reaches the surface in an eruption, it is then called lava. Eruptions can be explosive or slow-moving. 0 32

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What to Know about Reindeer

For most of us, Yuletide is the season when reindeer become a topic of conversation. But reindeer populations have been declining recently because of climate changes. In fact, the last three decades have seen numbers plummet by 60% due to global warming disrupting the natural habitats of reindeer. Their…

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Foods to Help Combat the Holidays’ High Cholesterol

It’s that time of year again when holiday festivities cause tummies to pack on some extra pounds. That means cholesterol levels would be affected, too. There’s a difference between types of cholesterol – the good and the bad. To fight the good fight against bad cholesterol, it is suggested that…

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Symptoms of a Mini Stroke, or Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)

The term “mini stroke” is as its name implies – it does not last as long as a full stroke does, at times only taking place for a few short minutes. However, a mini stroke, or transient…

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Establishing Smart Boundaries as a Parent

Parenthood involves patience – both with yourself as a parent and with your child.  Cultivating patience helps in better managing parenthood.  And a key recommendation to managing parenthood can be found in the establishment of good boundaries.  These boundaries should not be looked upon as limitations,…

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Coronado, California

Situated across downtown San Diego is the affluent beachfront city of Coronado, California.  First discovered by the 17th century explorer Sebastian Vizcaino, Coronado’s name is derived from Spanish, and means “the crowned one.”  Hence, Coronado is known not only by its local nickname…

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What’s a Bug Bounty Program?

In today’s digital age, any website, software, application, and operating system vulnerability – or “bug” – must be addressed so that the flaw won’t be exploited by malicious parties. The bug bounty program was created to help resolve these errors. A bug bounty program works like a rewards…

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Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks August 11th, 12th, and 13th

Astronomers are saying that this year’s Perseid Meteor shower shall put on a spectacular show.  Peak window is expected to be on August 11th, 12th, and 13th.  Rather than just the typical 80 meteors per hour, skywatchers will be treated to between 150 to 200 Perseids…

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How Much Exercise Do You Need After A 9-to-5 Work Day at the Desk

Let’s face it, modern times often means a work day that requires us at the desk for eight hours.  Then it’s sometimes followed by a couch potato-like relaxation in front of the television.  Unfortunately, that type of sedentary lifestyle is associated with increased risks of chronic conditions…

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Founding Father Benjamin Franklin’s Influence on American Agriculture

Many historians have called Benjamin Franklin an agricultural leader in young America.  Here's a glimpse into why. Benjamin Franklin lived primarily in the city, but he also had an affinity for agriculture and farm life.  And, after he retired from his printing business in 1748, he purchased a farm…